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Carbon Metal Steel Laser Cutting

10 Common Problems And Solutions In Laser Cutting

The traction line at the bottom is very offset and the incision at the bottom is wider. When cutting Burrs on the bottom of the cutting surface resemble molten slag and are dripping in shape. In the The melted material is discharged from the work-piece. In the process of cutting carbon steel, Carbon steel plate is not cut through. When the carbon steel work-piece is not cut through, press The cutting surface is rough and imprecise. When cutting carbon steel, the cutting surface is No burrs, the traction line is tilted and the bottom cut becomes narrower. During the process of There is only one side of the carbon steel incision with burrs. When cutting carbon steel, there is a Metal burrs on the bottom of the cutting surface are difficult to remove. The metal burrs at the The metal burrs connected at the bottom of the carbon steel cutting surface can be removed as a The Surface Texture of the cutting surface is rough. The surface texture of the cut carbon steel is

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